Visual Journal

6 January 2015


Cry to capture

Rigid hopes in tiny hands

Rays gush imbalanced

Caught between the daydream of these hands
23 October 2014

Pelting rays

Afternoons drifting

Still, days dreaming

Feel the clock ticking
28 September 2014 

The swans stand by the lake

Webbed feet half deep

Long necks twisted beaks

Black pearl stained with weeds

30 August 2014

Cold drizzles

Washing off

Weather beaten

Tiled roofs
25 August 2014

Mornings –

Of maple and cinnamon

Paving the possibilities

Of todays cycle

19 August 2014

Hole in the wall

You picturesque thing

Sieving out rays

precious moments prevailing
18 August 2014

Bamboo dances

Its leaves shatter

Playing shadows

On satin curtains
17 August 2014Affluence;

Plans of magical retreats

Over cups of bitter beans

And sweet frangipane treats
16 August 2014 Seven am

Dawn barely breaks

To the stirring of sugared grains

And the scent of summers berries
15 August 2014

Hard wooden floor

Wrapped in curtains

Beneath the rustling

Of the leaves