Passive aggressive

by ale

So you are – happy, cheerful, popular, a beautiful positive countenance. Yet – quick, impressionable, self-righteous. Little did I know you could be so accusational

Because all you know is the tip of the iceberg and all your impressions of me that has been encapsulated in a single post effectively demonstrates the judgement and neglect that so distraught me in the first place. When you know nothing of the current events in my life yet chose to construct a pious reprimandation of what you think is making me bitter, and what you think is the problem. 

They say small people make up with big personalities. And I guess your keyboard superiority far outweighs them all. 

It is so wicked to sit on a pedestal of fortune and mock me for not having what you have. Now that you have opened a can of worms, you have amounted upon a strangers battle and chosen to call yourself victor. A stranger, because you no longer speak to me.

Has it ever occurred to you that the girl whose face is always plastered with a frown in school, is battling irritable bowel syndrome and walking to class with excruciating pain in her abdomen? Has it ever occurred to you that the girl who skips school events simply wants an opportunity to rest because she stays up on multiple nights with insomnia and heart palpitations? Has it ever occurred to you that not everyone breathes as easily as you do? Maybe you had the impression that I am strong, fierce and capable. Should I be sorry that I am not you? Should I be sorry that my body and mind and spirit is failing me? Should I be sorry that you do not know the big picture of my life right now? 

As for social issues that you have flaunted in your accusation, congratulations for finding acceptance and friendship. And do be aware that another person cannot experience the love that you are given. Your friends bestow love and care upon you. It is a gift to you that is non-transferable. Should I be sorry that I do not feel the love that you have experienced? How warped is that. I am not living your life or in your body. I cannot empathise with you the same way you completely do not empathise with me.

Continue in your euphoria, and your own biased blind eye will baffle you. Just like the princess who does not understand why peasants do not wear dresses.