Human is a synonym

by ale

Constellations are a human construct but all I see are stars.
I don’t see how lines connecting two bright lights,
quite caress the curves of a virgin,
or balance justice on a bronze scale.

Human is a synonym for weak;

Locked in my epigenetics and flooding my veins.
There really is no need to condemn,
beauty you do not understand.
Or curse at a mythical sky,
thinking the horizon is the finishing line.

A synonym for human is weak;

But I do not believe your chemical bullshit.
Emotions are inert –
formulated by alpha helix ribbons of whatnot?
Annihilate, denigrate, disparage everyone who cares for you.
Guise celestial fragments as carbon atoms in a write off –
all you will see are stars.

Stellar, (though I could pry you apart like an onion series of nested shells).
A photosphere without conviction,
like plastic sand dunes buried in lanolin linen,
cold pressed onion tears in a glass called bluff,
and rolling stones plummeting plasmic galaxies knowing –
a synonym for strength is fantasy.