People are, complicated 

by ale

Read off a friends thoughts:

“there is a fine line between needing and wanting something/someone. and sometimes it gets blurry.”

And another friends thoughts:

“relationships are not complicated. people are.”


Been thinking a lot about how fragile relationships between people are. And it is adeptly summarised in the latter thought, that people are complicated. We are all odd characters with a wiremesh of parallel and perpendicular histories. As much as I value openness, our desires interfere with our actions and we all hide under insecurities. So we deny ourselves of our own emotions until we do not know which side of the fine line we are on. Until relations become strained and open endings become unbearable. The more it matters the more you fear. By protecting ourselves in fear of those we care for, we are essentially drowning ourselves in self-conflict.

Confusion hurts longer than wounds unmended.