Help, please

by ale

We have come to this:

hearts hollow with superficiality, arteries rotting with pride, and blood clogged with greed.


I can’t seem to explain the purposelessness of life. The emptiness in life. The nothingness in living. The words slipping my lips hold no significance, so does the piles of worksheets you have completed. Your assets and lifelong savings, merely digits on a piece of paper. The gold medal showcased in your glass case, a round piece of metal, even after you worked years to earn it.

You may laugh and smile, and in that moment I do to. But under the surface of our conversations and after the days work has been done, there is nothing left to remember. Nothing mattered. Call me callous, or even heartless but time is fleeting and moments are loss. Not even captured in a photo, will a picture return you the feels of yesterdays history. In the life-long strive for excellence and survival prosperity, what does it all come to?