Inside my sphere

by ale

There is a fine line-between being brutally honest, and diplomatic.

Dear mum,

I cannot and will never understand this. Even if I’m forced to let go of all I hold dear, the truth of the matter will stand. And the downright honest truth I will say. However the world might condemn the glistening white words that intentionally slip my tongue, I stand firm. There is no way my heart can conform to the sweet cheers of the people.

Appeasing the crowd would be conventional, such conventionality. I cannot find another soul with the same earthy tones of my honest brutality. And even if that means I will be trapped on my own net of black and white lines, I will not break free. I believe freedom is found in the liberty of direct speech. Clear cut portrayal of ones mind. Straightforward. “Blunt” you may label, but I cannot get sharper than this.

This world will not enslave me in fictitious appeasement. Cause if the way to win the flock, is to be untrue, I would rather die nine painful deaths, than to suffer the torture of swallowing my opinions.

Authenticity will prevail. Even if exclusion is the aftertaste of genuineness. And I cannot make myself sorry.

Your bitter daughter.