by ale

I sat in my bedroom, and the thoughts consumed me.

So I went down to the living room, where I hoped to breathe. There I exhaled, released a little heat, though not enough for forgiveness to reap.

I tried going upstairs, to the attic to read. There the stars weren’t bright enough to give me peace, and I stumbled upon the words, loosing my feet.

So I went to the study, surrounding myself with knowledge, hoping to find my sanity. But I flipped through a page and choked on the words, turning desperate for a soft landing.

I ran to the master bedroom, and fell on my parents bed. The quilt was thick enough to bury my sobs, the pillows soft enough to cushion my chest.

So I bled out the hurt and vomited the curses, that you imposed upon this fragile soul. Stained the sheets, for my shame to be exposed.

I have no place to hide, in this household.