by ale

Some nights I get afraid, so I lean into your arms, and press my ears tight against your chest. Yearning for the faintest ‘thump’ of your heart. You keep me in suspense, like you always do, before releasing a solid heartbeat. Your beat is strong, and rhythm slow. Overwhelming my mind with the movements in your heart. Your slow pace allows me to pick up the distinct changes after each diastole. Like a heavy ball bounced twice – a light bounce, before your spirit forces your heart down against the floor of your diaphragm, and I hear the heavy ‘thump’ . I close my eyes and feel your heart. Atria subsiding as ventricles extend. Your ribs carry my head up upon each inhalation, and I fall into the rhythm of your thoracic cavity. Learning the mechanics within your God-like body; how your heartbeat relates to your resolute spirit, and the soul behind the core of your existence.

Suddenly your arms tighten around me. I pry myself away from the wonderment of your soul and face your dark, sunken eyes.

You smile back at me.