3 years old

by ale

Hovering among the
milky darkness
familiar places
of tall brown walls, rustic walls
and clear glass, clean glass
caught in a maze of
childhood wonder, haunted corners
haunted toilets
trapped again, in eerie stillness.

Then the moon appeared
in it’s mystical hues of silvery dust
midnight blue, a deep comfortable blue
reserved only for the fairies and vampires
lost creatures of the night.

The sun stood strong, arose
it’s fiery shroud of dancing flames
magnificent against the silky gold air
crowning the glory
of The Lord most High.

Drawn into the distress of two conflicting powers
fear clawed at the edges of my being.
Darkness crept upon the heavens
like a thief in the night.
But I saw it coming
nothing could hold against
the potent sin of the wasted night.
The fear of hope breaking
the vision of salvation shattering
a simple realignment
in the stars.

Unconscious fear spilled from within
sobs evaporated, vanquished in the darkness
cries, at this defeat
wrong, so wrong
so wrong.

Waking up in a loss
confusion, at my companions
unfathomable tears.