My time

by ale


Life is fast, isn’t it?

Before you find time to take a breather, or absorb all that has passed, you’re moving on. No there’s no time to realize what you are doing, how engrossed you’ve become. Your engine has been revved, geared up. Zooming headlong at maximum velocity, you can’t stop.

I blame inertia. Forever at the handle, grinding the mills daily. Chores have become obsessions, work has become security. And we press on. We can’t stop.

What I am awed at is the immense information that we generate each millisecond. Each thought at every blinding moment, holds a sort of significance. How were you feeling this time last week? Why were you feeling that way? You probably can’t even remember what you were doing. Or maybe you do.

Well I don’t. Memory isn’t my forte. So I make it a point to pen down my most precious emotions and significant thoughts. And I apologize in advance for my befuddlement.


Here’s to the start of senseless ramblings.